7000 Meter

The Himalayas are in Nepal are not only for 8,000-meter Mountain climbing but you can also enjoy expedition on 7,000 meter Mountains. You can climb the beautiful 7000-meter Mountains in different ranges of the Himalayas.

Climbing the mountains like Himlung comes under this category. You can also enjoy the Baruntse Expedition. These mountains need the climbers to be highly skilled in mountaineering. Some of the mountains also need prior experience of climbing in lower mountains.

Join our climbing expeditions to the 7,000-meter Mountains and get a thrilling experience of a successful climb.

Let us know if you have any questions about climbing the 7,000-meter Mountains.  

Himlung Expedition (7126 Meter)
(1 Review)
36 days
from $6,500
Baruntse Expedition (7129 Meter)
(0 Review)
32 days
from $7,000

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