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8000 Meter

The ultimate adventure for mountain climbers is to climb mountains above 8,000 meters above sea level. Nepal, with most of the 8,000-meter Mountains in the world, is a perfect destination for mountain climbing. Climbing 8,000-meter Mountains including Mt. Everest is a thrilling mountaineering adventure in Nepal.

From Everest Expedition to the Manaslu Expedition, the Himalayas offer you challenging and thrilling mountaineering adventures. Acclimatizing and camping in the freezing mountain weather, you attempt to reach the summit of the mountains that soar high towards the sky.

You spend weeks of time in the mountains climbing up towards the summit. With the help of the amazing Sherpa climbers, your expedition in the 8,000-meter Mountains becomes a wonderful adventure.

Choose a climbing expedition and enjoy the Himalayan adventure.

Let us know if you have any questions about climbing 8,000-meter mountains.

Manaslu Expedition (8163 Meter)
43 Nights 44 Days | USD 15,500
Everest Expedition (8848 Meters)
64 Nights 65 Days | USD 35,000
Cho Oyu Expedition (8201 Meter)
43 Nights 44 Days | USD 25,900
Lhotse Expedition (8,516m)
55 Nights 56 Days | USD 0
Dhaulagiri Expedition (8,167m)
51 Nights 52 Days | USD 0
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