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Mountain Climbing in Nepal

As the country of high Himalayas, Nepal is the ideal destination for mountain climbers from around the world. With eight of fourteen 8000-meter mountains in the country, mountain climbing in Nepal is an adventure that most mountaineers look forward to.

Nepal is also the home to the highest mountain on earth – Mt. Everest – in addition to seven other mountains that soar 8000 meters higher above sea level. Mountaineers can climb different mountains that rise 6000 meters to 8000 meters above sea level. From 6000-meter peak climbing adventure like Island Peak Climbing to mountaineering expeditions like Everest Expedition, you can enjoy unreal mountain climbing in Nepal.

Trekking Peaks and 8000-Meter Mountain Climbing in Nepal

Wondering what the difference is between peak climbing and mountaineering in Nepal? With so many of the mountains and peaks in the Himalayas, climbers have the choice to go for an adventure that they want.

Although a 6000-meter mountain is a challenging adventure to climb, it is less difficult to achieve that 7000-meter and 8000-meter mountain. It takes less time; has fewer technical aspects of climbing than the higher mountains. Climbing a peak in Nepal is an extended part of a trekking adventure. However, you need to have some climbing skills but you do not necessarily have to be a seasoned climber.

Whereas 7000 and 8000-meter mountains require a longer period of time to climb. You need to spend a long time acclimatizing at the base camp and the camps above in the mountain itself. Mountain climbing demands a good skill of climbing and the use of gear. It also demands you to be a strong and stable mindset and strong physical fitness.

Popular Mountains that you can climb in Nepal

In addition to the 8000-meter Mountains, there are many other beautiful mountains that you can climb in Nepal. From Lobuche Peak to Ama Dablam and Lhotse in the Everest region to Pisang Peak and Manaslu, you can enjoy the thrill of climbing mountains in Nepal.

The mountains have varying technical difficulties and duration for the climb. While the trekking peaks can be climbed in a day from the base camp, the higher mountains take from weeks to months to reach the summit from the base camp. It all depends on the height of the mountain and technical difficulty.

No matter which mountain you choose to climb, you will have an awesome adventure experience of the Himalayan wilderness.

Climbing Seasons in Nepal

Peak climbing and mountaineering is a seasonal adventure in Nepal. Influenced mainly by the weather condition, there are certain times a year that the climbing adventure is pleasant. The best time to go climbing in Nepal is the pre-monsoon (the month of May). During this time, the weather is pleasant during the time in the mountains and offers beautiful and suitable weather for climbing.

The Autumn season is also a suitable time to climb lower mountains. However, the winter and spring seasons are not suitable for climbing the mountains. Winter is too cold to be high in the mountains and the spring season has the risk of heavy snowstorms due to increasing temperature.

We, at Nepal Climbing Adventure, organize Peak Climbing and Mountaineering Expeditions in Nepal. Let us know if you have any questions about trekking, peak climbing, and mountaineering in Nepal.

Author: Mountain Climbing in Nepal

Date: 18th March, 2021

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