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Reasons to do Manaslu Circuit Trek

If you are planning to go on a trekking adventure in Nepal any time sooner or later, we have a beautiful adventure to recommend. Of many trekking trips in the Himalayas, we have chosen the trek around the Manaslu region to recommend in this blog. This blog will give you an idea and reasons to do Manaslu Circuit Trek as your next walking adventure in the mountains.

The popularity graph of Manaslu Circuit Trek is on the rise in recent years. There are several reasons why this adventure is becoming popular amongst trekkers. Many people take this trip as a perfect alternative adventure for the famous Annapurna Circuit Trek.

We have prepared this blog to give you an idea about why trekking in Manaslu is an ideal adventure for you. This adventure is a perfect option for you if you love to walk through peaceful mountain wilderness.

Reasons to do Manaslu Circuit Trek

One of the most beautiful trekking regions in the Himalayas, Manaslu offers a peaceful mountain wilderness. Let’s get the idea of what the adventure has to offer that people have considered as a-must-do trekking adventure.

Fewer People, Peaceful Surroundings

The experience of trekking becomes even more wonderful when you can enjoy the beauty of nature mostly to yourself. This trek is an ideal adventure for you if you love to trek in the region with only a few people visiting there.

Although the popularity of the trek is on the rise, there are fewer trekkers in the region compared to other popular trekking routes like Everest Base Camp Trek. When you trek through the region, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and mountains mostly to yourself. However, you will get to meet a few fellow trekkers to say ‘hi’ as you traverse the trail.

Timeless Cultural Wonders

As you gain elevation on the trek, you will trek through high Himalayan villages. Walking through these villages in the region offers an experience of the unique and timeless cultural beauty of the mountain civilization in the region.

The cultural lifestyle of people living in these high mountains is untouched by modernity. You can experience the innocent and inspiring life of the local people.

Beautiful High Altitude Wilderness

Trekking around Manaslu is a high altitude and long adventure that challenges trekkers physically and mentally. Once you reach the high elevation of the mountains, you can enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the mountains. The wilderness that these mountains have is simply breathtaking. This trip offers unforgettable vibes because of this beautiful wilderness of the mountains.

Trekking over Larke Pass

As high-altitude trekking, this adventure takes you high into the mountains. You need to trek over a mountain pass that goes over 5,000 meters above sea level. Larke Pass, popular as Larkya La, comes along the trail that takes you to the elevation of 5,106 meters above sea level when you are at its top.

Trekking over Larke Pass is one of the major highlights that make the trip experience an unforgettable memory.

These are only some of the many reasons to do Manaslu Circuit Trek and the adventure doesn’t disappoint you. You can experience and enjoy walking through the river valley to high mountain surroundings on the trip. The adventure starts in the Budhi Gandaki River Valley and finishes in the Marshyangdi River Valley. It eventually meets the trail that takes you around Annapurna.

There is no doubt that the trek is an ideal adventure if you love to explore the peaceful wilderness. Let us make your Manaslu trek even more wonderful with our professional service.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about the trip.

Author: Reasons to do Manaslu Circuit Trek

Date: 17th February, 2021

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